Jack Daniels Smoke Pellets

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Jack Daniels Smoke Pellets

The Holland Grill Co. is proud to now be selling Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey Smoking Pellets. These flavorful pellets are made from the actual mellowing charcoal from the distillery in Lynchburg, TN. The charcoal is pulverized and then mixed with sawdust and turned into easy-to-use pellets. They have a strong, sweet, smoke flavor and will add a nice tang to all types of meat. Try some when you're grilling steaks on your Holland Gas grill or mix a few in with the charcoal if you grill on Holland's new Patriot charcoal grill. Either way, you're going to love the the smell of these Jack Daniel's® smoke pellets.

Jack Daniels Smoke Pellets 1 lb. Bag

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